Hannah White & Rosie Bans - The Stand

from by RE:connection Project

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The song is a direct protest against Vladimir Putin. It begins
with aspirations which are difficult to oppose. Most people
agree that we should all enjoy basic human rights. T he first
verse is a statement of hope.

The chorus is a warning: "opposition will not go away, until
you hear what people have to say". Freedom of expression
is not a tall order. It is a basic human right and it is a simple
cry out to Putin that the world will continue its scrutiny of his
rule until the people of Russia (all of them: regardless of
sex, sexuality, political persuasion or faith) have their human
rights back.

Having written the lyrics to this song I contacted fellow
songwriter Rosie Bans. I know and respect Rosie as an
artist and as a human being because she is strong, she is
not a person seeking exposure at any cost, she has
integrity. I thought she would be excited to support the
cause. She was. I enjoyed collaborating with Rosie and in
the space of just over an hour we had our song.
Impassioned and a fitting tribute.

We recorded this song in a London based studio called T he
Sound Lounge. T he Sound Lounge is a not for profit music
studio and organisation with an ethos that believes all
people have the right to make and listen to music. It runs
workshops for youth groups, works with people in recover,
delivers training in Wandsworth prison. T he people who run
the organisation are dear to me because they are like
minded. It believes in ALL people.

Rosie and I performed the song live in the studio. We sat
together for the camera and whilst the song is almost a
conversation between the two of us, we both submitted
ourselves to the performance and the sounds. It is important
to feel the energy but very important to hear the lyrics. To
hear the message. T he song beckons people to join us.


I believe in rights for all, for woman, for man, for rich, for poor
I believe in freedom of choice, in love, in faith, in every voice
I believe our leaders can, safeguard the well of every one
I believe power should be: peace, rights synonymously
Stand, stand beside us
hand in hand unite us
Violence will not divide us
And fear will never silence us
Opposition will not go away
til you hear what people have to say
Opposition will not go away
Will not go away
We'll not go away
No one can ever be tortured or beaten legitimately
What do we give a person power for? To exploit? Corrupt? Wage illegal war?
The world is now looking on as he justifies prison for a simple song
Vladimir Putin are you really that scared of a handful of women seeking to be heard?
Opposition will not go away
til you hear what people have to say
Opposition will not go away
Will not go away
We'll not go away


from RE​:​connection - Pussy Riot Project, released December 15, 2013
My name is Hannah White and I am a London-based singer
songwriter. I call myself an artist because I seek to do more
than create nice tunes, I comment on the social through my
songs: feminism particularly.

I am a young, single mother of two children each from
different fathers. Separating from both men and being left to
face responsibilities alone has been an education. It is not
only attitudes towards my own situation that compels me to
write. I have also worked as an advocate for people seeking
asylum in UK. I care about people. I believe that freedom is
only freedom if it includes every one of us. I feel indebted to
the women of Pussy Riot and want to encourage every
person to stand beside them.



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