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Steve Lawson
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Steve Lawson A really important project - raising funds for Pussy Riot, and acting as a collective place of thought and action about activitism and art. Some amazing new work on here, my particular favourites are Lobelia and Fiddes Smith's songs. Moving stuff! Favorite track: Reconnect.
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A diverse and eclectic group of creative thinkers collaborating to build an interdisciplinary arts project to raise awareness and money toward the international support fund for Pussy Riot.

We reach toward their fearless demonstration of bravery; we protest in whatever way we can, we join together, we REconnect.


released December 15, 2013



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Track Name: Fiddes Smith - My God, How Can This Be?
What's your poison, are you lonely?
Suffocating in name only
Holy moments blow your cover

Such a useful indication
Of a peoples' inclination
For what happens in a heartbeat

Close your eyes
And see no future in a compromise
A sleight of hand another grey disguise
But my God, how can this be?
My God, how can this be?

There's no hang-up, just denial
Follow us or face a trial
We could love you if you'd only

See the devil in the detail
Hear the cunning old wives' tale
With a screw loose and a shotgun
We ride

And hold your fire
There's complication underneath desire
Our Father held you but with razor wire
But my God, how can this be?
My God, how can this be?

And what if I could shape your mind
To think like mine
O, the world would be so brave, yes?
O, the world would be so brave, yes?
O, the world would be so brave, yes?
O, the world would be so brave...
Track Name: Alice Denny - Sochi

There is a bitter irony
In this gallant country
Where a valiant wars
On tyrannies
Were fought and won
For freedom, apparently,
To see what now is going on.
How our brothers and sisters
Citizens and visitors
Are treated as criminals
Worse even than animals

In the streets they are beaten
For being a lesbian
Or even”looking like”one
For daring to say
“Some are born gay,” For confessing, in innocence, Love for another Sister for sister. Brother to brother
Or expressing openly
Variance in gender identity.

This despised authority
Denies civil rights and liberty
Prises children, crying, from families
No pretence of humanity
Merely to flatter
One man's cruel vanity.
Ask yourself this:
“How much would I risk
For the touch of a loved-one's kiss
As we greet? To hold hands?
And should I stand by
While such good people lie, In streets bleeding,
Or die secreted
In soviet prisons?

“Have I no shame
Celebrating these games
And will the stain of complicity
Forever cling to me,
Demeaning me?
When the spirit of sharing
The joy of competing
With equals and comrades
In rivalry and fairness
Has been stripped of all meaning?”
Or is it
You're thinking
“I just could not care less” ?
Track Name: Hannah White & Rosie Bans - The Stand
I believe in rights for all, for woman, for man, for rich, for poor
I believe in freedom of choice, in love, in faith, in every voice
I believe our leaders can, safeguard the well of every one
I believe power should be: peace, rights synonymously
Stand, stand beside us
hand in hand unite us
Violence will not divide us
And fear will never silence us
Opposition will not go away
til you hear what people have to say
Opposition will not go away
Will not go away
We'll not go away
No one can ever be tortured or beaten legitimately
What do we give a person power for? To exploit? Corrupt? Wage illegal war?
The world is now looking on as he justifies prison for a simple song
Vladimir Putin are you really that scared of a handful of women seeking to be heard?
Opposition will not go away
til you hear what people have to say
Opposition will not go away
Will not go away
We'll not go away
Track Name: Madam - Out Of The Traps
Out of the traps
Ahead of the pack
To stay in the lead
Proceed and attack

Is this where you thought you'd be
I hope you know
What you want
From me
Its the end of expectation
Betrayals just another word
You're starting something
With a fearless girl

Its not death I want
Death I want
But suffering gets results
So I heard

Broken , damaged
We're dangerous
We survived
Join us
Its the end of expectation
Betrayal's just another word
You're starting something
With a fearless gill

Breathe with me
This is borderline
Breathe with me
This borderline

Take you into the dark room
Feed you with my hands$the city understands us
The city understands
I won't chase this anymore
I'm not waiting for my second chance
Such a high price for liberty
But I think you'll run with me
Under the cover of darkness
I'll let the night in
Close your eyes
close your eyes
We'll be forgiven l'll be forgiven
Track Name: Amy Tudor - In The Shop Window
for Pussy Riot

On a street gray with winter rain,
a shop window is filled with mannequins,
alabaster women without faces. A man is dressing
them in prim white gowns for the ubiquitous
Wedding Season, the window a stage inviting
passerbys to audition for one long play.

But at night, when the shop owner cannot see,
the lights come on behind the glass. At night,
a light snow falling, one of the figure’s heads rises,
grows cobalt eyes in the smooth mask of her face.
Her white dress seeps with color: green to blue to red.

When her mouth opens beneath the snub
of her nose, she begins to dance, to sing.
The song is not beautiful and nor is she.
Here, they do not have to be. But that sound!
It has the power to break chain as it swells
and fills her glass cage. As it rises – rough
and ragged as a sparrow’s wings – people wake
behind their windows bars, wake
from their sad dreaming, drawn to the sound.

They have passed this window every day
but have never seen such this remarkable thing.
The woman’s strong new face, the bright red
of her gown there between the blank Virgins
in their white. The people press their hands
against the cold glass, full notes soaring out,
free and lovely and strong as birds.